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The owners of the Cedar Creek Falls Retreat business have a passion for caring for carers, and giving them a break. Currently we work with carer organizations such as Commonwealth Carer Respite Centres and Family Support Group Australia to organize Wellness retreats for carers in the community. These carers provide unlimited care for their loved one, and often have not had a break for many years. A break simply meaning time with friends, a walk or time alone to recharge, even a coffee or a movie.

Cedar Creek Falls Retreat offers Pamper retreat for carers, where carers may stay overnight in a tranquil environment to re energise. They are offered natural therapies such as massage and reflexology, yoga, education, stress management, haircuts, facials and freshly made nutritious meals. However, one of the most significant benefits is meeting with other people with similar situations, which in turn provides a whole new network of contacts that understand, for the carer.

Who are Carers?

Carers are family members, friends or neighbours who provide substantial amounts of care to someone in the community who is:

  • Frail Aged and/or has Dementia
  • An adult or child with a Disability
  • A person with a mental illness or chronic health condition
  • A person requiring palliative care

A Carer is typically a mother, son, daughter, father, grandmother, partner or child providing substantial care to someone 24 hours a day at home. They provide all activities of daily living for the person they care for such as personal care, hygiene, washing, cleaning, medications, cooking, social and emotional wellbeing, transport, lifting and mobility, supervision and many other tasks. Even though this can be very rewarding for carers it is also very stressful and difficult. They will often care for their loved one, and neglect themselves.

Not everyone will identify with the term "Carer", however anyone can become a carer at anytime.

Cedar Creek Falls retreat is actively seeking community and corporate support to sponsor these carer retreats.

For more information, please email info@cedarcreekfallsretreat.com.au if you would like to be involved or can help.

Please look below at the testimonials from our carers that have stayed with us.

Carer Facts

  • 74% of primary carers are female
  • 46% of primary carers provide care for more than 40 hours a week
  • 1 in 3 primary carers do not receive the level of assistance that they require
  • 39% of primary carers have a disability. Primary carers are twice as likely to have a disability as those who are not carers
  • 15% of primary carers are aged over 65 years 
  • Most primary carers (84%) are of workforce age (18 to 64 years) 
  • Even though the majority of primary carers are of workforce age, paid work is usually not possible - 62% are not attached to the workforce 
  • For 55% of primary carers a government pension, benefit or allowance is their principle source of cash income 

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Carer Testimonials

Cedar Creek falls Retreat has many kind words from all our carers that stay here - For the short time they are here, they are able to re energise temporarily, and enjoy the tranquil surroundings and peacefulness.

These are only a few of the Testimonials from actual carers who have stayed with us...

To the wonderful people at Cedar Creek, Many thanks for an amazing weekend. You guys do an incredible thing here.

Beautiful surroundings, accommodation and food.

To have this chance to come here to rest and recharge in such a beautiful relaxing place is a dream come true.

You are all very special people, thank you for everything


I've had a longing or someone to take care of me - thank you so much. It has been a wonderful stay and everything has been amazing. Excellent everything!


Thanks to all the staff once again for a great time. I wish to thank you all for the help, love, friendship and wonderful food during the time I have been here. You are wonderful people whose caring comes from the heart, which is a very rare quality. Once again, thank you, I will keep in touch.


What a great place for peace and tranquillity. I have never experienced such a peaceful weekend to help me get some of my energy back

To Mike Ronnie and Jann thank you so much for all the love and support that you gave me.

Thank you for the all the beautiful food and resources you provided us. I would rate this retreat ten out of ten and will definitely pass this on to others.


Wow, what can I say, wonderful, terrific, outstanding, unbelievable.

Thank for allowing us the chance to relax in your beautiful place of heaven. You are all angels.


My days are full- the nights to short.
Some peace and quiet "me time" a great thought.
Then, in the mail, the answer came.
A carer's retreat - to keep me sane
It was only once - I drove past the turn
To cedar creek - was amazed to learn
That so close to the city - such a tranquil place
Like-minded folks - special time to embrace
The weekend was great - our host really neat
Went out of their way - to provide many a treat
So relaxing - reviving - I don't want to go
So mike Ronnie and Jan, I want you to know
The Cedar Creek Retreat experience will be with me for weeks



There are no words to describe the friendliness, warmth, depth of caring and welcoming that all of you mike Ronnie and Jan have extended to us . These attributes came from the heart - your sincerity has been so genuine thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of this.

The meals were delectable - the thoughtfulness put into the preparation and presentation was second to none - exceptional.

Thankyou this seems so inadequate to describe my appreciation.



Thank you


Thank you to the staff at Cedar Creek Falls Retreat for the wonderful time, support and attention. Michael and Ronnie you are such wonderful people, so happy and cheerful and never stop. The food was beautiful and very well presented and the accommodation was very nice. Keep up the terrific and happy smiling faces.

Many thanks

Ian D.

What a wonderful experience to share with people who also care for their loved ones and share the same ups and downs that we go through day to day. Thanks to Mike Ronnie and Jann for the warm and friendly atmosphere they provided, and all the delicious meals they prepared with much love and care

I am going home today feeling much rested and peaceful

Many thanks



Dear Ronnie and Mike,

This weekend has been so great, the beautiful surroundings of green tree and hills, and the calming sounds of waterfalls, is so full of energy an great renewal of inner spirit the lovely smiling faces and caring manner of your staff, beautiful food and fellowship makes this whole place so magical.

I felt my whole body being relaxed.

I have found this weekend so peaceful and relaxing.

I needed a weekend like his so badly and have waited 3 years to come back again, and I am so grateful for your lovely hospitality and caring manner.

Many thanks to all the wonderful people at Cedar Creek, thanks for everything


Thank you very, very much for a very nice, relaxing weekend. I really enjoyed just relaxing and chilling out with other carers and just talking. The food and accommodation were both really great. Thank to the staff at Cedar Creek, and I hope that I will be able to attend another time.


Many thanks for a wonderful weekend run by people who really do care for their guests. I've already told my friends how wonderful it is here and will be really happy to tell them that it is still the same, maybe even better.

Very best wishes to continue running such a place.

I hope I get lucky again next year


Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful resort with us. You are truly amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed your company, food and surroundings. I hope that we can meet again soon, keep up the good work


What a swell weekend this was, wonderful

Thank you very much


Thank you for a wonderful weekend. It was just perfect, so relaxing in a peaceful environment.

Thank you so much.


What a wonderful, caring and invigorating place and staff. There is a need for more funding to enable carers to come and enjoy the place, the environment and the wonderful staff. Three cheers for all their kind words, inspirational ideas and just being there to ensure such a wonderful time is had by all.

Thank you